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Welcome Note From The President

It is a great honor and privilege to welcome you, on behalf of the Executive and Founding Committee of Women in Insurance Zimbabwe (WIZ).  Getting this project to kick start has been the single most important step we have taken to drive transformation in the history of Women in Insurance of Zimbabwe and the World.  The establishment of WIZ is coming on the back of the recent celebration of women’s month world over, acknowledging our contributions as women to events in history and contemporary society.  To that end, we believe that with an estimated 55% of women employed in Zimbabwe insurance industry WIZ has a significant role to play at the work place and within our communities by spearheading decency brought buy insurance products and services.

The association is premised on leadership development, support, growth and mentorship, and its values are built on Trust, Innovation, Professionalism, Excellence and Integrity (TIPEI).  Therefore, our journey together is for:

  • Those women who want to move beyond mediocrity and push themselves to excel.
  • Those women who are not satisfied with the ordinary and are yearning for professional growth and recognition.
  • Those women who are raring to learn, who want to reinvent themselves and do it courageously.
  • Those women who wish to be a shining example and explore entrepreneurial within the Industry.

We are enormously grateful to Doctor Grace Muradzikwa, who has humbly agreed to be Patron of this Association and be part of fulfilling this exciting journey.

This Association could have never have come to existence without the endurance, sound advice and guidance from the extra ordinary Women who are the Founding Executive Team,

Gratitude is extended to the Insurance Industry Stakeholders who have come in full force towards the formation of this association as we compliment and solidify industry efforts

As the momentum is gathering and you are therefore invited to log onto the website and register to be part of us as we traverse this journey.

Sincerely Yours


Ruth B Ncube

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  1. Moreblessing Hwata

    This development in the industry was long overdue and a big thank you to the brains behind this initiative. We hope to see more women holding positions of authority in the industry.

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